Our Story

Where Geek Meets Street


Jolt Was Created when an award-winning restauranteur, Thomas Schiffer, and an award winning Product Developer Trevor Brazier started talking about the absolute necessity for a delivery service that solved all the real world problems food retailers are confronted with. They realized that even today with all the offerings out there none of the providers were truly meeting or caring about the needs of the restaurants. Jolt’s Mission is to Keep the Restaurants customers their customers because you are our Customer. 


How Jolt Works

Jolts proprietary platform provides restaurants with an overview that shows the most cost effective and efficient channels to bring your customers in. 


Jolt also keeps you retaining  customers you already have won over the with your blood sweat and tears bringing the best possible food consistently to them.  Jolt keeps your Brand yours, we share your pain and enjoy your victories. 

Its frustrating for Jolt to watch celebrated and establish brands dilute themselves thru choices that ultimately cost them more and essentially give away their already established customer base.

 To prevent this we will meet with you and customize our service by understanding  your current needs and thru our platform provide powerful analytics that help you stay flexible and responsive to the trends of your customers as well as intelligently align yourself with your path for growth.  Jolt was built from the restaurants perspective and we are truly unique in our commitment to the restaurant.