Our Story

Where Geek Meets Street


Jolt began when Thomas Schiffer, an award-winning restauranteur, recognized he had limited and unappealing options to solve the real world delivery problems his restaurants faced. He partnered with his friend, and seasoned Product Developer Trevor Brazier, and they quickly realized that even with all the offerings out there none of the delivery providers were truly meeting or caring about the needs of the restaurants. In fact, most seemed to be at odds with the restaurants by trying to turn the restaurant's customers into their customers. Jolt’s mission is to serve the restaurants by letting them keep direct relationships with their customers. 

How Jolt Works


Jolt's proprietary platform provides restaurants with the ability to request drivers on-demand or schedule driver for future pickups. Our platform allows us to provide delivery for ALL of a restaurant's orders, whether it comes via phone, website, or third party app.

Keep Your Customers

Jolt is focused on helping restaurants keep direct relationships with their customers. Jolt understands that a restaurant's success depends on their loyal customer base. Too often restaurants forget this and rely solely on third-party ordering platforms. Those platforms are an excellent source for attracting new customers. But allowing them to own all of your customers is short-sighted.


To prevent this our platform allows your customers to have a direct-order option WITH delivery. We will capture and share all of this data so you can stay flexible and responsive to the trends of your customers as well as intelligently align yourself with your path for growth. Jolt was built from the restaurant's perspective. We are only successful if you are.