Restaurant Delivery Options

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In-house, third-party companies, lead generation

There are three main options for restaurant delivery: in-house delivery drivers (employees), third-party companies offering delivery only and lead generation companies with integrated delivery. See our insights below:

In-House Drivers (Employees)

Perhaps the most reliable option for the restaurant owner if well executed. It is a terrible idea if your staff lacks basic knowledge in the logistics of food delivery.


  • Better Delivery Diner Experience

  • Labor Variety

  • Familiarity and Branding

  • Control Over Routing Parameters


  • Labor Intensive

  • Liability

  • Requires Accurate Dispatching Skills

  • Limited Mileage Range & Resources

Third-Party Delivery Only  

If you have determined that in-house drivers are not the best option for your business then this might be a mandatory option for your operation. Even though you might also choose to work with lead generation companies, do not solely rely on these type of services. See the reasons below.


  • Simple, Scalable, Cost-Effective

  • Zero Liability for your restaurant

  • Delivery Times and Mileage Coverage

  • Dispatching and Customer Service


  • Unfamiliar Drivers

  • Less Branding Exposure

  • Communication

  • Limited Location Coverage

Third-Party Lead Generation with Integrated Delivery  

I consider this the easiest and fastest way to start a delivery business. I wouldn’t say it is the best long-term and profitable solution. Nowadays restaurants owners are still learning how to leverage these services in a positive and symbiotic relationship. I have noticed love and hate relationships. Here is why?


  • One-Stop Shop

  • Immediate Brand Exposure, No Up Front Cost

  • Worry-Free Customer Service

  • Easy to Use Technology, Scalability and Larger Coverage


  • Data Hungry

  • Driver Behavior

  • Unpredictability

  • The True Cost of Delivery

Jolt Delivery is a third party company that offers delivery only. We do not participate in the ordering process. Would you like further clarification? Contact our sales team.

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