Components of Restaurant Delivery

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When it comes to food delivery, there have never been more choices for restaurants and their customers. While exciting, this means it is also more crucial than ever to understand the differences between those choices.

This blog is intended for anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the components that go into a restaurant’s successful delivery operation.

A successful delivery operation is comprised of three main parts:

  1. Ordering (customers need to be able to place an order)

  2. Customer service (interaction with those customers)

  3. Delivery (the food needs to get to the customer)

Some companies offer all three to restaurants as a “one-stop shop” solution, which can be very appealing. (“You send me customers, provide customer service for them and then deliver food?! Great!”) However, we encourage restaurants to consider each component individually to make sure their true needs are met. We also have seen that using one company as the sole source for all three can pose a long-term threat to the restaurant.

To understand why, it’s important to take a closer look at each component and especially understand what you are trying to accomplish with each.


-        Online - Restaurant Website/App

-        Online – Lead Generation Website/App

-        Offline - Call-In (Phone)     

Customer Service

-        Restaurant Staff

-        Online Ordering – Live Call Center or Online Support

-        Delivery Driver Interaction

-        Delivery Provider Customer Service (if 3rd party)


-        In-House Drivers (Employees)

-        3rd Party Drivers (Delivery Only)

-        3rd Party Drivers (Lead Generation with Integrated Delivery)

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