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Restaurants FAQ

How does Jolt work?

How much does it cost?

The restaurants decide what portion of the service charge to pass on to its diners. 

Delivery fees can be built into the e-commerce apps to automatically charge customers.

*Contact our sales team for detailed pricing information for all orders beyond 3 miles and larger than $149.99 in sub-total.

Does Jolt integrate with other apps?

Yes. Restaurants can automatically forward Jolt email notifications from ChowNow, GrubHub, and Eat24. Driver requests will then be created automatically.

Jolt also partners directly via API with ChowNow Flex and Olo Dispatch for deliveries in the metro areas of Los Angeles. 

How long does it take to get a driver?

It takes between 10 to 20 mins for a Jolt driver to pick up the food once we are notified through our app. It can take longer during our busiest hours. Restaurants provide us the estimated food preparation time, and we aim to have a driver arrive once the food is ready.

What are the average delivery times?

Jolt has an incredible 39 minutes average delivery time (from the time the delivery request was received to the time the food arrives at the customer.) Be aware that delivery times vary depending on the prep-times, average distance, seasonality, and other factors.  We ask our restaurant partners to quote a minimum of 45 to 60 mins for all deliveries to set appropriate expectations. Our service aims to drop off every order in under one hour.

How do scheduled orders work?

The restaurant staff can schedule driver requests using the Jolt app. Just tell us the specific date and time to pick up and drop off the food. Integrated sources (ChowNow, Olo, Eat24 and GruHub) will be automatically scheduled.

What is the delivery area?

At this moment our service is only available in Los Angeles. 

We can provide service if your restaurant is located within the boundaries shown below.

How far does Jolt deliver?

We limit smaller orders (under $150) to a 5-mile driving distance. For all orders above a $150 sub-total, we offer unlimited mileage.

What are the hours of operation?

Need extended hours? Check availability with our sales team.

How does billing work?

Hassle-free weekly billing via ACH transaction. Automated reports are sent out via email on a .pdf and .csv format that detail every order we delivered with the associated fees and tips.

How can I sign up to use Jolt at my restaurant?

We will need an agreement, your billing information (ACH) and set up a date and time for a quick training with your staff. 

Do Jolt drivers wear uniform?

The drivers in our platform do not wear uniforms. We do not mandate a dress code, but levels of professionalism are maintained based on feedback from the restaurants. If a driver's appearance or behavior is not acceptable, the restaurant can request that specific driver to be removed from their service pool.

Can I use Jolt as back up service?

In order to maintain high service standards with our loyal restaurant partners, Jolt does not provide back-up or overflow service under any circumstances. Jolt only partners with restaurants who use our service as their only source of delivery for direct orders.

Is there a minimum size of the order?

We don't enforce a minimum size of the order but we suggest a $15 minimum sub-total. It is up to the restaurant to decide what is the minimum amount the diners must order.

Does Jolt require a minimum number of deliveries?

We do not require a minimum number of deliveries. 

Is there a contract or can I cancel service at anytime?

There is no contract or upfront cost. The restaurants can cancel the service at anytime. For restaurants averaging more than 5 orders per day, we ask for two weeks notification.

Does Jolt provide an iPad? How do I download the Jolt app?

We provide an iPad at no cost for restaurants averaging a minimum of 100 orders per month. All other restaurants must use their own iPad. The Jolt app does not work on the iPhone or Android devices. 

Our app is available on the App Store and it is called 'Jolt Retailer.' Our on-boarding team must approve access.

Jolt only accepts driver requests via phone call as an emergency if the iPad or the Jolt app is momentarily not working.

Does Jolt bring me new customers or promote my brand?

Jolt is a logistics service and does not offer marketing for restaurants.

The restaurants working with Jolt use the ordering sources of their choice. The most common are the orders placed over the phone and online ordering apps such as ChowNow, Olo, Eat24, GrubHub, Seamless,, Clorder, EatStreet, Fooda, EZCater, ZeroCater, Cater2Me and others.